Hinter jedem digitalen Bild steht immer noch ein Mensch der es gefertigt hat.

Behind every digital image there's a person who created it...

At Third Floor Company we refer to ourselves as a CGI Manufaktur.  In German, the word ‘Manufaktur‘ (from the latin origin ‘handmade’) refers to a workshop or studio where craftsmen of various trades collaborate to create products of excellent quality and precision. While our workshop exists in a fast-paced digital world, and our creations are in the form of computerized data,

Third Floor Company Studio

We apply the same principles used for producing unique, handcrafted objects of wood or stone.

Who We Are

Third Floor Company prides itself on delivering personalized and friendly service. We value clear communication-internally and externally-which helps us achieve quality, consistent, and timely results. We take very seriously: deadlines, details, and professionalism. And good coffee. We are a cohesive team of cool people (at least we think so) that truly enjoys our work. We believe this is reflected in everything we do.