Invisible work— perfect result.

Third Floor Company produces high quality CGI projects--transforming digital data into art.

What We Do

CGI is not only about high-tech, computerized cameras, software, 3D animation or virtual reality, but the creative minds behind the equipment. We apply 20 years of photography experience to create truly beautiful CGI images of your products.

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Digital project, handcrafted work.

Digital data, whether it be prototype or in-production products, can be transposed into virtually any environment or background and appear photo-realistic or imaginary.

We provide the complete CGI process, including:

  • Project estimate
  • Data evaluation, preparation and modeling
  • Secure data transfers (ISO/IEC 27001)
  • Pre-visualization
  • On-location preview

  • Backplate productions
  • HDR/360° spherical image capturing
  • Rendering
  • Post-production: lighting and compositing
  • Configurators and animations
  • Asset management